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Bellabaci Body Cups 1 Pr.


Provide the latest in specialized cupping therapy with Bellabaci Body Cups. These pliable cups are specifically designed to help ease muscle discomfort, smooth the skin’s texture, and ease stress levels that might cause headaches. The Bellabaci Massage System contains both a soft and hard silicone cup for two differing suction levels. Clear. Instructions included.

Features and Benefits

Silicone hand-squeezed pliable cups are great for: tight or sore muscles, digestive disorders, headaches or migraines, cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, and joint pain amongst others.


Start usage with the softer cup, then graduate to harder cup after a few weeks of use. Begin by applying a very light suction for about 8 minutes at a time. Increase suction gradually to stimulate therapeutic properties. Apply a liberal amount of oil, shower gel, or cream to the area to facilitate smooth movement. Squeeze the cup in the middle, and then place the cup’s lips to skin and release. Use straight, circular, or zigzag movements to massage the area. Drain the area by moving the cup toward the nearest lymph nodes.


Food Grade Silicone

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