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dpl IIa - Professional Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment Light Therapy


Treat yourself with enhanced light therapy treatments with the dpl® IIa Beauty Panel. This product utilizes infrared light for 3 settings: one for treat acne breakouts, another to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a third featuring both treatment types. No user settings or adjustments. FDA-cleared for full-face. OTC Class II medical device.

Features and Benefits

Step up to the DPLII a panel system that offers both Anti-Aging & Acne. Full face panel systems offered to fit your price point and needs Anti-Aging our DPL® panel will offer just that! The DPL Light Therapy panel system has FDA clearance for full face. You can treat the entire face or other areas of the body in one session.


1. Wash and clean area prior to use and pretreat area with serums for maximum benefits. 2. Attach the power supply. 3. Plug the power supply into a wall outlet and turn on the device. 4. Select desired treatment function. Press power button once for anti-aging, twice for acne, three times for all lights, or four times to turn the device off. 5. Place the device on the included stand and station the panels within 0.25" of the face. 6. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 3 minutes. For recovery treatments, longer sessions are recommended. 7. The device will beep every minute to alert user of the treatment time. 8. Shut off the device and store in travel bag. 9. Recommended treatment time is a minimum of 3 minutes. Should be used daily for maximum results.*Unit will automatically shut off in case of exceeding desired temperature. Let the unit cool for a few minutes and begin treatments again.*DO NOT obstruct or block ventilation holes during operation.

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