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Moor Spa Himalayan Crystal Salt Glow 42 Oz.


For the ultimate body exfoliation, we suggest using the Moor Spa® Himalayan Crystal Salt Glow. In addition to the many benefits of Himalayan salt, the exfoliating action of this body treatment has a wonderfully revitalizing effect on the skin. Use it in combination with Moor Spa Complete Oil, for best results. Himalayan bath salt is known to encourage circulation, hydrate, increase moisture retention, and help alleviate dry, scaling, irritated skin. This bath salt contains 84 essential minerals—more than any other bath salt—including magnesium, potassium, bromide, and calcium. CertClean certified.

Features and Benefits

Used as an exfoliate in combination with Complete Oil. High concentration of negative ions which facilitate removal of cell- damaging positive ions from tissues by ion-exchanging. Contains over 80 trace minerals which are essential for life.


Use in a 2:1 ratio: 2 tablespoons salt glow to 1 tablespoon Moor Spa® Complete Oil. Massage gently over the body in circular motions. Add a few drops of appropriate essential oil blend, if desired. The Complete Oil will fully absorb into the skin leaving only the dry salt. This may be brushed off with a dry towel.


Sodium Chloride

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