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Valeur Absolue Sensualite Scented Candle


Sensualite is a seductive, feminine fragrance with floral, woodsy and musky notes. This product conveys feminine power, sensuality, and confidence.

This lightly scented candle with beautiful essential oils and rich, mood enhancing fine fragrances is a healthier way to fragrance your home: 100% natural wax, cotton wick, no paraffin or formaldehyde for a clean burn up to 45 hours.

Features and Benefits

Creates a soothing ambiance in your home that relaxes and heightens emotion.


Light and leave to smolder.


100 % Natural Vegetable Oil Wax, Fragrance (The Valeur Absolue basic raw material is classified in the RSPO Fair Trade and Sustainable Approved WWF/GreenPeace/Amnesty/Unicef.)

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